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The lives we wear: Injustices and alternatives

Miriam Ponsa, Judith Talvi, María Fernández, Vicenç Margalef
Moderator: Josep Pagà
The lives we wear: Injustices and alternatives

The affordable price of a garment does not correspond to the real cost of its production. What is the human and environmental price of our excessive consumption? In this talk, representatives of entities and fashion designers who are working on sustainable alternatives tell us about fairer alternatives for the people who make them and for the planet, for everyone.

Miriam Ponsa
, designer
Judith Talvi from the Roba Neta i Setem Catalunya campaign
María Fernández
from La Coordi
Vicenç Margalef, ACDD director

Moderator: Josep Pagà, professor at BAU

Friday the 22nd at 6:00 p.m. after the screening of the documentary The Story of a Panty and Those Who Make It. Free admission until capacity is reached with priority for those attending the documentary.

Activity in collaboration with the Catalan Agency for Cooperation for Development and La Coordi as part of the program of Acció Cinema.

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