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Online Venue: CaixaForum+

CaixaForum+, the culture and science streaming platform promoted by the “la Caixa” Foundation, will once again be the online venue for the Festival.

With this collaboration, CaixaForum+ and Moritz Feed Dog aim to bring the best fashion documentaries to a wider audience, facilitating access to the works for those who, for various reasons, cannot attend the festival in theaters. These documentaries will temporarily join the extensive audiovisual catalog offered by the streaming platform, featuring titles on fashion such as “Fashion vs Words” or “Prêt à regarder!”

About CaixaForum+

The “la Caixa” Foundation launched its free online platform, CaixaForum+, at the end of 2022. In its specialized catalog of cultural and scientific dissemination, you can find series, podcasts, documentaries, digital art, outreach programs, interviews, concerts, operas, and more, covering nine themes: visual and plastic arts, performing arts, music, literature, thought and history, film, architecture and design, life sciences, and physical sciences. The CaixaForum+ platform is available for mobile devices and tablets through the app, downloadable on the App Store (iOS) or GooglePlay (Android). Contents can also be accessed from the website and on smart TVs through AirPlay and Chromecast