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Music and fashion: an influence in both directions

Pau Aulí, Marc Corominas, Nico Cevallos
Moderator: Andrea Gumes
Música i Moda

In the creative process of music and fashion design there is a historical intersection with stimulating and inspiring results. Fashion and music are an indissoluble creative binomial. In this talk, the director of the documentary, creative directors and journalists will share experiences on how to express yourself through fashion with a sense of spectacle.

Pau Aulí, creative director
Marc Corominas, documentary director Fashion vs Music
Nico Cevallos, creative director of Gallery Studios

Moderator: Andrea Gumes, journalist specialized in fashion and music

Thursday the 21st at 8:00 p.m. after the screening of the documentary Fashion vs Music.
Free admission until capacity is reached with priority for those attending the documentary.

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