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Fashion vs Music

Marc Corominas, Josep Abril (creative director)
2024 | Spain | 45 min
Fashion vs Music

Fashion and music have a lot in common: the celebration of individuality, the unstoppable expressive force, the rebellion. A tour through the most famous collaborations between artists and designers.

Elvis shaking his hips — thanks to a fluid suit — and shocking the world; Kansai Yamamoto and David Bowie, the fierceness of Grace Jones, that famous conical corset by Gaultier for Madonna, the intelligent provocation of Lady Gaga. Iconic images that have been imprinted on our retinas, garments that alone are enough to evoke the character. Links that develop over time: a stylist must know their artist very well. We witness the design process of the collaboration between Maria Arnal and designer Pau Aulí, which emerged during the preparation of the album “Clamor.”

CaixaForum+ original documentary film.

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