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Slow Fashion

Melissa Eidson
2022 | USA | 46 min
Slow Fashion - MoritzFeedDog2024

A journey through three countries to firsthand witness different facets and conflicts of fashion production: Mexico (cultural appropriation), Laos (craftsmanship), and India (collaboration).

One word that falls several sizes too small for the fashion industry: responsibility. There are exceptions, of course, and Slow Fashion aims to show us some. The documentary, divided into three parts, first travels to southern Mexico, where major fashion companies ‘take inspiration’ from ancestral designs. Is it possible to credit, compensate, and dignify the invisible work of indigenous communities? The second part unfolds in Laos, an example of how to operate on a smaller, more respectful, and sustainable scale. Jaipur completes the circle. There, a New York designer treats artisans as partners and participates in the circular economy. We immediately understand the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.

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