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Olivir Nicklaus at Moritz Feed Dog 2023

Olivier Nicklaus, New Artistic Director of the Festival

Moritz Feed Dog 2024 comes loaded with innovations, marking the definitive leap for the event, having become a fully consolidated appointment in the Barcelona cultural scene in recent editions.

Olivier Nicklaus, director of some of the most significant fashion documentaries in recent years – “Fashion!”, “Azzedine Alaia, un couturier français” in 2022, or “Versace, les liens du sang,” to name just a few – is the new artistic director of the festival. Olivier’s addition represents an invaluable opportunity to internationalize the festival’s perspective and open the door to new proposals to be included in the festival’s programming, thanks to his experience and profound knowledge of both fashion and film.

About Olivier Nicklaus

With experience in print media (having worked for Les Inrockuptibles for a long time), Olivier Nicklaus has specialized in documentary filmmaking, particularly in the last fifteen years, focusing on fashion. This is evident in the series “Fashion!”, broadcast on Arte in 2012 and released as a set on DVD. In this series, he revisited three decades of fashion by interviewing leading designers from each decade. His three most recent documentaries on Arte are “Apocalypse Mode” in 2021, “Azzedine Alaia, un couturier français” in 2022, and “Versace, les liens du sang” in 2023. In addition to his documentary work, Olivier Nicklaus is a scriptwriter for films and fiction series, writes for magazines, and produces podcasts.