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Donyale Luna: Supermodel

Moritz Feed Dog already has a winner!

On March 23th, just before the screening of the documentary Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed, the jury of Moritz Feed Dog announced the winning documentary of the eighth edition of the festival, selected from all those in the Official Section presented by TOUS.

The jury, composed of Ana López Cobos, costume designer for hits like La Llamada and Paquita Salas, along with Àlex Navarro, director of the Europa Creativa Catalunya office, and Miren Arzalluz, director of the prestigious Palais Galliera, decided to award the prize to Donyale Luna: Supermodel.

This is the jury’s verdict:

“The Moritz Feed Dog jury has decided that, because it is a story of vindication, for its perspective on gender, race, and social class, for the artistic value that the protagonist brought to her profession from her natural and spontaneous gesture, the award for the best documentary of this edition goes to “Donyale , the story of a woman who had everything against her and managed to become an iconic and pioneering model who paved the way.

The documentary tells the life of a model or “mannequin” as they were called until then in the 1960s in different cities in the USA and Europe. The story of one of those women who were silenced but whose contribution to fashion was so important.

The jury highlights the use of archival material, according to the story, mixing moments of family footage with unknown material from her collaborations with Fellini or Dalí, which manages to move us. Likewise, it values the importance of this documentary about the history of such an exceptional yet unknown woman being told by another woman.”