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Versace, Les Liens du Sang

Olivier Nicklaus
2022 | France | 52 min
Versace, Les Liens du Sang

Gianni Versace was murdered at the height of his business success. His death raised questions about the disappearance of the brand, but, as in all Italian sagas, blood ties prevail. His sister Donatella will keep the textile empire standing.

Milan, 1978. The young Gianni founded a brand with his siblings Santo and Donatella. Fast forward; we are in the excessive eighties, and Versace’s neo-baroque style enjoys unprecedented success, becoming the counterpart to Armani’s elegant sobriety. The nineties are the apex of the Versace universe, a clever blend of sex and Catholicism, Byzantium and Calabria, crosses and leather. The ostentatious and artisanal luxury of an uncomplexed Italy. Gianni is magnetic, dressing clients who become friends: Elton John, George Michael, Lady Di, Madonna. His assassination in 1997 was the requiem of an era. The documentary covers a trajectory of triumphs, tragedies, and bold reinvention.

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