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Scooter LaForge: A Life of Art

Ethan Minsker
2023 | United States | 80 min
Scooter LaForge: A Life of Art

It can’t be more “New York” than this: an artist and sculptor who also creates clothing, and who has dressed Madonna, Beyoncé, or Rihanna with his irreverent pop references.

Basquiat, Haring, George Condo, punk, cartoons, plush toys, graffiti. In the visual universe of artist Scooter LaForge, there is room for humor, pop references, and music. In addition to painting and sculpting, LaForge sews and hand-paints clothes that are then worn by Madonna, Iggy Pop, Beyoncé, Boy George, Debbie Harry, Rihanna, or Miley Cyrus. The queer activism and social commitment of this icon of the New York underground add depth and coherence to his work.

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