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Mi última condena. Ana de Pombo

Juan Mata
Spain | 2023 | 90 min
Mi última condena - MoritzFeedDog2024

The fascinating —and unknown— trajectory of Ana de Pombo, who was ahead of her time in everything and lived several lives: right-hand woman of Coco Chanel, designer, and poet.

Who could have in their phone book the likes of Cayetana de Alba, Jean Cocteau, Coco Chanel, Eva Perón, Gregorio Marañón, or Audrey Hepburn? Only someone equally integrated into certain cultural and political circles, high society, the most exclusive fashion, and the nightlife scene. Ana de Pombo (1896-1985) was a dancer, designer, writer, and entrepreneur. A rare bird as eccentric as she was cultured, a versatile observer and perfectionist comfortable in an embassy reception and in a gypsy celebration. Her incredible trajectory is a reflection of the tumultuous 20th century she lived through. Ana de Pombo reinvented herself and exercised a cutting-edge feminism that makes her unclassifiable.

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