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Fashion vs Words

Claudia Mallart, Josep Abril (creative director)
2023 | Spain | 25 min
Fashion vs Words

Fashion and word go hand in hand in this intimate, brief, and poetic documentary. What we wear speaks about us, but clothes need words to be fully conceptualized.

Fashion is a visual language, but its message is amplified with narration. The protagonists of this documentary communicate their emotions and ideas through their work, and they complete it with words and knowledge transmitted by oral or written tradition. The colorful and ethnographic universe of photographer David Gómez-Maestre and the collections of designer Karim Adduchi are accompanied by the verses of poet Caterina Albert (Víctor Català). Through a journey across different landscapes — Morocco, Burgos, Amsterdam — we learn that fashion is not an inanimate set of garments, but a statement of intent.

CaixaForum+ original documentary film.

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