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Coco Chanel Unbuttoned

Hannah Berryman
2023 | United Kingdom | 89 min
Coco Chanel Unbuttoned

A chronological journey through the fascinating (and contradictory) life of a 20th-century legend. Coco Chanel earned her place in the history of fashion with talent, mystery, and cunning.

Pardon the boutade, but was Coco Chanel the first global influencer? Her designs and discourse changed the way contemporary women dressed, thought, and acted, freeing them from conventions and constraints. Gabrielle Chanel chose what kind of person she wanted to be and shaped her life mercilessly. Demanding, radical, independent, pioneering, cunning in a man’s world. An enigma: in reality, we know very little about her beginnings. Lies are part of her legend. She was a proud outsider, even when she had become the queen bee of Paris.

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