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Boucheron, Paris. In the Heart of French High Jewelry

Olivier Nicklaus
2023 | France | 52 min
Boucheron, Paris. In the Heart of French High Jewelry

In the heart of Paris, Place Vendôme hosts the most important high jewelry houses in the world, whose craftsmanship elevates their pieces to the status of works of art. Boucheron was the first to arrive.

A jewel is never just a jewel: it’s a commitment, a link in family history, a promise, a trophy, a symbol of social status. And it is also a celebration of life. Paris celebrates life, and there are few houses more Parisian than Boucheron, founded in 1858. This high jewelry brand weaves beauty and culture, rethinking the idea of traditional luxury. The documentary is an unprecedented immersion into the secrets of a profession always surrounded by discretion and exclusivity. A team led by women designs exceptional jewelry, as poetic and refined as it is technologically innovative.

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