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How to build an artistic identity through fashion

How to build an artistic identity through fashion

The stylists and costume designers define and reinforce the proposals of the artists and characters through styling, giving them a unique personality. In this talk, the participants share their experience and their way of working to create the stylistic identity of artists and characters of fiction. Participants:Ana López Cobos, costume designerGemma Mondéjar, communicator Moderator: Aïda […]

Music and fashion: an influence in both directions

Música i Moda

In the creative process of music and fashion design there is a historical intersection with stimulating and inspiring results. Fashion and music are an indissoluble creative binomial. In this talk, the director of the documentary, creative directors and journalists will share experiences on how to express yourself through fashion with a sense of spectacle. Participants:Pau […]

The lives we wear: Injustices and alternatives

The lives we wear: Injustices and alternatives

The affordable price of a garment does not correspond to the real cost of its production. What is the human and environmental price of our excessive consumption? In this talk, representatives of entities and fashion designers who are working on sustainable alternatives tell us about fairer alternatives for the people who make them and for […]

Chop Suey

Chop Suey - MoritzFeedDog2024

A cult classic from the iconic photographer Bruce Weber. A love letter to that special (and fleeting) bond that arises between the person being photographed and the person behind the camera. For over four years, Bruce Weber dedicated himself to photographing Peter Johnson, a young man from Wisconsin who possessed as much naturalness as he […]

Cannes Uncut

Cannes Uncut

Excesses, triumphs, failures, secrets, and deals of Cannes, the capital of glamour. For two weeks a year, the French Riviera is the center of the world. Let’s be honest: we all love to see what happens behind the scenes. There are several renowned events—the Oscars red carpet, the Met Gala, the Super Bowl, fashion week […]

Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion - MoritzFeedDog2024

A journey through three countries to firsthand witness different facets and conflicts of fashion production: Mexico (cultural appropriation), Laos (craftsmanship), and India (collaboration). One word that falls several sizes too small for the fashion industry: responsibility. There are exceptions, of course, and Slow Fashion aims to show us some. The documentary, divided into three parts, […]

Arianne Phillips: Dressing the Part

Arianne Phillips: Dressing the Part - MoritzFeedDog2024

This is the story of how a shy and rebellious girl became a creative force in costume design, collaborating with Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Ford, Prada, and Quentin Tarantino. Dressing a celebrity is helping to shape their public identity; dressing a character is creating a universe from scratch. In both tasks shines the New Yorker […]

Last Stop Coney Island: The Life & Photography of Harold Feinstein

Last Stop Coney Island: The Life & Photography of Harold Feinstein - MoritzFeedDog2024

The extraordinary life of a master of street photography, with a humanistic gaze faithful to the idiosyncrasies of New York life, and especially of Coney Island. Young Harold documented all the places that fascinated him: the tough-guy gangs of Coney Island, the naive recruits of the Korean War, the bebop “cats” in jazz clubs, or […]

27 Piazza Castello

27 Piazza Castello - MoritzFeedDog2024

A meeting sponsored by Vogue Italia of the best fashion photographers of the 20th century: David Bailey, Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi, Ellen von Unwerth… It might seem like the nineties are just around the corner, but it’s been 30 years, and the recordings of those days—the last moment of full expressive freedom before […]

The Story of a Panty and of Those Who Make It

The Story of a Panty and of Those Who Make It - MoritzFeedDog2024

The details of the manufacturing process of a simple pair of panties offer a revealing glimpse into the lives of those who work in the shadow of the textile industry. It’s normal that we never see how the clothes we wear are made; they arrive in our hands from the sterile shelf of a well-lit […]